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4 Tips on How to Tackle Bathroom Clutter

  1. Keep your hair products organized together. 

It’s easy to allow your hair products to take over the bathroom counters in the morning. To avoid unnecessary clutter in your bathroom, make sure that you have a designated space for all of your hair products. As you begin organizing, make a list of what products you don’t use anymore that you can either throw out or donate. 

  1. Utilize the space over your toilet. 

Taking advantage of the space above your toilet can be especially useful for those who may have smaller bathrooms. Getting a shelf to go over your toilet will help organize your toilet paper, toiletries, and any other bathroom essentials. 

  1. Store items in functional apothecary jars.

Are you someone who tends to leave things out on the bathroom counters? Whether you have plenty of counter space or you tend to leave things lying around, apothecary jars are a sleek and functional way to keep certain products on the counter without it looking messy. 

  1. Don’t forget the drawers.

We know that it can take almost no time for drawers to become cluttered, making it more challenging to get ready in the mornings. Consider using drawer organizers so that you can see all your organized bathroom essentials when you open your drawers. Drawer organizers can also help you eliminate time rummaging around for lost products and can prevent you from losing any of your bathroom necessities. 

Are you looking for a lasting solution for your storage needs? We can help you keep more than just your bathroom decluttered with our ezeGlide Rollout Shelving and Pull-Out Drawers. Contact us today to get started!



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