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4 Ways To Add More Space In Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most shared spaces in your home, so it’s important that you have plenty of storage space to avoid clutter. Having a designated spot for everything in your bathroom will make getting ready a breeze! Here are 4 ways you can add space in your bathroom. 

1. Store your cleaning supplies. Do your cleaning supplies take up the majority of your bathroom counter or your drawer space? You can reserve some of your bathroom space by having a designated plastic bin or shelf for all of your cleaning products and supplies.  

2. Hang up your towels. Tired of seeing towels on your bathroom floor or hung over the shower? A towel ladder is a functional and creative way to display your bathroom towels as well as keeping your bathroom tidier. 

3. Utilize drawer dividers. Let’s be honest, after a while it can be hard to keep up with bathroom drawer organization. Bathroom drawers quickly become cluttered drawers. Drawer organizers can help keep your toiletries organized and your drawers clutter-free. 

4. Wall hooks for storage. If you find yourself still needing to free up more space in your bathroom, using wall hooks is a great way to hang up things like hair tools, baskets, extra towels, and more. 

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