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5 Tips for Organizing Your Child’s Room

Organizing your home is a tough task, especially with kids in the mix. You might avoid the mess in your child’s room completely and just keep the door shut. You’re not alone because many families look for help organizing kid’s toys and things. Here are five tips to clean up your child’s room.

1. Keep the kids involved. Young kids enjoy being involved in activities, even like organizing their own room. Get them involved from the start, and they may be more likely keep the room clean afterwards. You can start by letting them show you wha­t’s in their room. Hearing how they describe things will let you know what items they do or do not care about anymore.

2. Give things a new home. As you are organizing and putting items in a new place, think about the language you use. Using a term like “home” is relatable and easy for kids to understand. Show them the new home for their things, and later when you want them to clean up, ask them to put that item in its home. Additionally, if there are things you want to donate, you can tell your child it’s okay to let some things go and give them a new home elsewhere.

3. Work your way up. Start your organization process on the floor. Meet your kids on their level and keep some of their storage containers (or new homes) on the floor where they can reach them. By having storage where your kids can see and reach, they are more likely to use it.

4. Make cleaning familiar and fun. Try using methods that your kids are familiar with or that will make cleaning fun. For example, schools tend to use cubbies for storage, so if your children have those in their classroom, get some for home too. That will reinforce a good organizational habit. You can also make cleaning a game by having them pick up 10 items and count them as they go, or maybe let kids compete to see who can put their toys in their homes the fastest.

5. Set the example. You know your kids watch you and imitate your behavior, so are you practicing clean and tidy habits yourself? Whenever you put things away and the kids are watching, you can even call it out to them by saying you put something in its home. That will reinforce the behavior for them, and for you.

Cleaning with kids can be a major challenge, but these tips can help you organize your child’s room. If you need additional help with storage, give us a call. ezeGlide roll out shelving and replacement drawers might be just the thing you need!



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