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Making Mom’s Life Better With This Mother’s Day Gift

  Make your mom’s life better this Mother’s Day with the gift of roll out shelves in your master bedroom’s closet, bathroom, and kitchen.   Buying too many clothes contributes to closets becoming disorganized. While there’s no disputing that fact, one of the main reasons a closet becomes a mess is because it’s simply not […]

Roll Out Shelves Are A Great Investment For Your Home

Looking for a great way to improve the cleanliness and overall appearance of your home, check out our glide out drawers and pull out shelves.    When it comes to features in a home that excite people, our roll out shelves stand out amongst the competition. Plus it is an option that can be installed […]

Spring Cleaning Just Got Easier

The time for decluttering your home is now and with ezeGlide’s slide out drawers, the cleaning process has never been easier.    The annual tradition of cleaning out those closets, pantries, and garages has once again come. When you begin to remove the extra clothes from your bedrooms and remove the items that are cluttering […]

Pantries Are the Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

Gift the gift of peace and tranquility this Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your loved one with a newly renovated pantry that will declutter the kitchen and give your family more storage than you thought possible. This is a great way to keep everything clean, organized, and clutter-free in your pantry and kitchen. Nothing […]

Organized Closets

New Year Resolution: Clean and Organized Closets

It’s a new year and with that comes the inevitable resolutions. Are you thinking about joining the local gym to get back in shape? Or maybe trying to go vegetarian for the year? Or maybe you are wanting to learn how to be a party clown that can juggle and make balloon animals?  Instead of […]

Holiday Closet Clean Up

Filling your closet with those socks that you didn’t ask for but you did receive for Christmas, can lead to further clutter for your closet space. We can help you declutter and organize your closet this Christmas season with roll-out shelves.   Closets tend to be packed full of clothes, some of which you never […]

Preparing the Biggest Meals of the Year

This is the time of the year where we gorge ourselves with turkey and delicious sides. Do you have enough space to carry all of the necessary items to make this feast?    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at ezeGlide! The largest meals of the year are usually created during this season. If you […]

Kitchen Pull Out Shelves

Have you reached the point in your kitchen where your storage space is jam-packed and are overflowing? Well, don’t worry because we have a solution for you. Many people are finding their kitchen storage space being filled with all of their plates, cups, bowls, food items, kitchen appliances, spices, and so many other things. This […]

Supporting the Mother During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women have to go through so many stressful times worrying about the baby, their body, and the day they give birth to their little bundle of joy. Having a clean and organized house helps remove a lot of the unnecessary stress during this timeframe.  If you have ever known a woman during their […]

The Difference Maker in the Pantry

How many times have you tried to locate an ingredient or a snack that was in your pantry but you had placed it in the very back and you struggled to find it? Let us make sure you never have to fight this struggle ever again.   Pantry shelves can quickly become cluttered and disorganized. […]