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Holiday Closet Clean Up

Filling your closet with those socks that you didn’t ask for but you did receive for Christmas, can lead to further clutter for your closet space. We can help you declutter and organize your closet this Christmas season with roll-out shelves.

Closets tend to be packed full of clothes, some of which you never wear. Pull-out shelves can turn any sized closet into a well-organized space, with quality roll-out shelving and drawers. While you go through and decide what you should keep and what you may need to part ways with, consider a closet remodel that could save you space and help you organize. Another thing to consider when going through your closet is what you may be able to donate instead of throwing away. Your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, or other organizations that support your local community are always looking for clothing donations to aid those in need during the Christmas season.

Adding roll-out shelves to your closet gives you the ability to utilize so much more of the space in your closet while not having to extend the walls into the guest bedroom. If you think about a standard closet, most of the wall space is wasted because the railing is usually placed at eye level for easier viewing of your clothing items. This makes sense, but the portions below and above that railing is usually lost or underutilized. Adding roll-out shelving to these areas of your closet gives you an extra 25-50% of storage capabilities for the clothes that you will be receiving for Christmas. 

We offer a number of different styles of closet shelving as you can see below:

Closet Shelf Module Dimensions

  • Two Module Heights: 60? or 72?
  • Two Module Widths: 24? or 32?

4 Shelf Solutions:

  • 60? x 24? / 4 Rollout Shelves with Scoops
  • 60? x 32? / 4 Rollout Shelves with Scoops

6 Shelf Solutions:

  • 72? x 24? / 6 Rollout Shelves with Scoops
  • 72? x 32? / 6 Rollout Shelves with Scoops
  • Three Module Depths offered: 24?, 21?, or 18?
  • Front Face Heights of Rollout Shelf: 2? (No Scoop), 3?, 4?, 6?, 8?
  • Soft Close, Full Extension Rollout Shelves
  • Available with Adjustable Caster Rollers

With all of these different shelf styles, you can finally have a drawer to put your ties, belts, socks or Kentucky Derby style hats in. Just imagine how much more organized your closet will be when you are able to have a location for every piece of clothing that you own. No longer will you have to cram your socks and underwear in the same drawer. You can finally separate your workout clothes from your normal everyday wear. 

Request a quote today to find out how we can add closet shelving with pull-out shelves by ezeGlide in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia!

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