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Home for the Holidays: Simplify & Declutter Ideas from ezeGlide

When your schedule is overloaded with meetings at work, events, planning meals and family activities every day, it can be hard to focus on keeping the house tidy. Before you go on a full-on decorating spree for Thanksgiving and Christmas, pause for a moment and think about the state of your home.

Are your current storage options really working for you? Or are they making your day-to-day clean up routine more of a hassle? Taking time to declutter, organize and clean before the festivities really begin can often help to calm the chaos of the season.

The holiday season should be a joyous time of fun and excitement! If there are any ways that you can let go of some of the stress, you should do it.

We’re here to help you eliminate stress this year with the following holiday organization tips:

Downsize Your Decor

Okay, so we know that the holiday season means as much tinsel as you can manage, with the tallest tree and two hundred twinkly lights covering it, but if you want a way for your house to look less cluttered it may be best to downsize the decor.

Choose holiday decorations that bring something amazing to your home. Minimal decor can be just as beautiful as a dazzling array of color and tinsel. Decorate the house exactly the way you like, then take a photo for next year. This way, someone else can chip in and help!

Donate and Declutter With ezeGlide Rollout Shelves

You need your home to be organized, especially if you’re planning to have visitors and overnight house guests partying alongside you. Start sifting through clothes, toys and books that you don’t need or want anymore. This way you’ll be able to make room for cherished gifts that you receive over the holiday season.

Alternatively, you can easily upgrade your storage. ezeGlide rollout shelves are custom designed to be the perfect solution. Once you’ve decluttered all the items that you don’t need, get organized with your storage. Maximize your space with our roll out shelving systems while keeping everything accessible and easy to reach.

Features and Benefits of ezeGlide Rollout Shelves Include:

  • All drawers and shelving have a minimum 100lb weight capacity
  • Superior quality construction means our rollout drawers are long-lasting and durable
  • No more arm or back pain from strenuous reaching for holiday decorations
  • Get access to your stored items—FAST!
  • Know exactly what you have in stock in your kitchen, bath cabinets, pantry and other storage areas
  • Our rollout drawers make it easy to de-clutter and stay organized
  • All drawers and shelving are ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant

Make Meal Prep Merry

You may be prepping to cook up a huge turkey at Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean you have to cook from scratch for every meal. Make a list of breakfasts and lunches that you can premake and freeze. Meal prepping will help you get ready to serve delicious dishes that you can grab easily and defrost overnight, even for a hungry crowd. It’s all about making life easier for you!

Download and print recipes that you plan to make and add them to a folder in the kitchen so that you can read them easily. Make a list of what’s in the pantry and the freezer and plan which days you’ll make those meals.

Your Happy Holiday Home

Preparing for the holidays shouldn’t be a stressful time. You should be able to relax as much as possible, and for that to be enjoyable, you simply need a well thought out plan, smart storage solutions and the gift of time.

Invite family and friends to help out; make meal prep and holiday decorating a family task. When all else fails, call in the professional cleaners and decorators for the best holiday season ever.

Shopping for Custom-Made Drawers at an Affordable Price This Holiday Season?

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