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Kitchen Pull Out Shelves

Have you reached the point in your kitchen where your storage space is jam-packed and are overflowing? Well, don’t worry because we have a solution for you.

Many people are finding their kitchen storage space being filled with all of their plates, cups, bowls, food items, kitchen appliances, spices, and so many other things. This trend in kitchen space is causing many people to worry and attempt to stuff their space to the brink of overflowing. The problem with this method is you begin to forget about what you have in your kitchen and end up purchasing more of the same items. You could also find that when you begin to stuff your cabinet space with food items, a lot of your food items get lost in the back of the cabinet and may spoil before you ever realize it’s even there.

Kitchen Pull Out Shelves

Pull out shelves from ezeGlide enable you to keep everything in your kitchen organized and accessible. Everyone has experienced digging through the back of a drawer or having to remove several items to get the one item you need in the back of the cabinet shelf. Even more inconvenient is trying to get a heavy kitchen appliance from a tucked away space — an act that becomes increasingly more difficult as you get older, when having accessible storage becomes a priority. We can help with your kitchen organization and space utilization so that this won’t happen to you anymore.

See the value and high quality of ezeGlide pull out shelves. It will beat the competition’s nailed together drawers and thin metal slides that are overpriced and sub-par.


  • 5/8″ thick Maple, White Birch Solid Hardwood Boxes with 3/8″ and 1/4″ Reinforced Box Bottoms
  • Full Extension Steel Soft Close Under Slide Mounts
  • Our Standard Construction is Dovetailed for increased Strength and Durability
  • Our Rollouts are Custom Engineered for Maximum Organization, Full Access and Space
  • All Shelving and Drawers have a minimum 100 lb weight capacity
  • Full Lifetime Warranty including Parts and Labor
  • ADA (American Disabilities Act) Compliant


  • Since we’re the manufacturer and installer, we save you money by eliminating the middle man.
  • Our superior quality means our rollout drawers are long-lasting and durable.
  • No more back pain from strenuous reaching.
  • Gain fast access to your stored items.
  • Enjoy better control over your inventory in your kitchen, bath cabinets, pantry, and other storage areas.
  • Our rollout drawers make it easy to get rid of the clutter and stay organized.
  • Adds real equity value to your home.

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