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Preparing the Biggest Meals of the Year

This is the time of the year where we gorge ourselves with turkey and delicious sides. Do you have enough space to carry all of the necessary items to make this feast? 

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at ezeGlide! The largest meals of the year are usually created during this season. If you think about the list of items that it takes to create a standard Thanksgiving meal, you are looking at over 40 ingredients, 7 small kitchen appliances, 7 serving platters, 8-20 plates, and utensil sets, and enough cleaning supplies to scrub down all of these items once the meal is over. A Thanksgiving meal alone can fill your kitchen and pantry to the brim and cause you to stress out over where you are going to be able to fit everything. 

Custom made to your needs

Spice Rack

We make all of our shelves and pull out drawers custom which means that you get to have exactly what you need to fulfill your storage dilemma. One example of this customization that could come in handy during the holiday season is a spice rack style drawer. We are able to build this drawer to fit all of the spices that you will most likely be using throughout the coming months with all of the parties that you will be hosting.


Another place where customization has been utilized is to organize your utensils drawer. Having a customized utensil drawer gives you the ability to put your utensils neatly back in a designated spot, allowing you to find all your utensils quickly and easily. We can also combine that slide out drawer with another drawer for your lids to all of the pots and pans you use.

Pipes or Wiring

Is that pesky drainage pipe getting in the way of your dream to have pull-out drawers under your sink? That pipe is no match for our customized drawers. We can design and create a pull-out shelf that can utilize the most space available while not being stopped by the drainage pipe, gas pipe, or electrical wiring.

Request a quote today to find out how we can upgrade your Kitchen shelving with pull-out shelves by ezeGlide in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia!

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