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School Systems Rollout Shelves

In most classrooms, storage can be very limited; so, it is important to make the best use of all available space. EzeGlide rollout shelving is a great solution for teachers and school administrators. Our shelves are customized to perfectly accommodate your classrooms and are great for art supplies, books, papers, craft supplies, and various other school supplies. EzeGlide shelves not only allow for better organization, but also slide out more easily than traditional shelves, meaning school supplies would be more accessible to children.

  • Gain fast, easy access to your stored items
  • Provides for a microbe free, cleaner & safer environment
  • Easily get rid of clutter and stay organized
  • Superior quality materials and durable wood: 5/8” thick Maple, White Birch, Steamed European Beech Solid Hardwoods or White/Black Melamine (MDF) boxes with 3/8” and 1/2” box bottoms
  • Custom engineered for maximum organization, full access, and space
  • Over 100 lb weight capacity
  • Since we’re the manufacturer and installer, we save you money by eliminating the middle man
  • AWI compliant
  • ADA compliant installation
  • Greater accessibility for the elderly and disabled
  • Full lifetime warranty including parts and labor
  • Serving customers in NC, SC, and VA
  • Minimum of six drawer purchase for installation

See the difference that our shelves can make in your home or business.