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Closet Pull Out Shelves & Drawers

Pull Out Shelves for Your Closet

Closets tend to be packed full of clothes, some of which you never wear. Pull out shelves can turn any sized closet into a well-organized space, with quality roll out shelving and drawers. Never have that “what do I wear?” feeling again — make all your clothes accessible and organized with ezeGlide pull out closet shelves.

See the value of ezeGlide’s American-made pull out shelves and the drastic difference from the competition’s nailed together drawers with thin metal slides.

Let ezeGlide custom design and build the perfect shelving system with pull out shelves for your closet. Request a quote today!

Closet Shelf Module Dimensions

  • Two Module Heights: 60″ or 72″
  • Two Module Widths: 24″ or 32″

4 Shelf Solutions:

  • 60″ x 24″ / 4 Rollout Shelves with Scoops
  • 60″ x 32″ / 4 Rollout Shelves with Scoops

6 Shelf Solutions:

  • 72″ x 24″ / 6 Rollout Shelves with Scoops
  • 72″ x 32″ / 6 Rollout Shelves with Scoops
  • Three Module Depths offered: 24″, 21″, or 18″
  • Front Face Heights of Rollout Shelf: 2″ (No Scoop), 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″
  • Soft Close, Full Extension Rollout Shelves
  • Available with Adjustable Caster Rollers