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Spring Cleaning Just Got Easier

The time for decluttering your home is now and with ezeGlide’s slide out drawers, the cleaning process has never been easier. 

The annual tradition of cleaning out those closets, pantries, and garages has once again come. When you begin to remove the extra clothes from your bedrooms and remove the items that are cluttering up your garage, you should consider asking yourself the following questions when you look through your items. 

First and foremost, what would you be able to keep if you increase your storage capacity? By adding glide out drawers to your closet, you could increase the useable space for you to use for items like shoes, socks, undershirts, and undergarments. If you were able to put these items in your closet and have them in an organized space, what would you do with all of that extra space in your bedrooms?

The next question to ask when spring cleaning is, have you used that item in the past year? Many times, we have items stored away that we haven’t used in over a year. In many cases, these are items that you don’t need and are causing your house to be unnecessarily filled. If you haven’t used that item in over a year, consider how you can donate it to someone who may actually be in need of that item.

Consider if the piece is a seasonal item. With the right storage systems in place, you can rotate seasonal items in and out with ease. Store your heavy coats and boots during the summer and your flip-flops during the winter. That way, you will only have current seasonal pieces in the rotation as you decide what to wear each day. It keeps your closet clutter-free and makes it easier to locate items on a daily basis. This can be easily achieved by installing roll-out shelves in your garage to store the large containers of seasonal items. 

After answering these questions, you should have a stack of items you don’t want to keep. Now you can decide whether to throw away each item, donate it or sell it. 

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