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Supporting the Mother During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women have to go through so many stressful times worrying about the baby, their body, and the day they give birth to their little bundle of joy. Having a clean and organized house helps remove a lot of the unnecessary stress during this timeframe. 

If you have ever known a woman during their pregnancy, then you probably know that they are usually very excited but under a lot of stress. There are just so many things to be worried about during these nine months. To support these women, you can help organize and clean the most common areas in the home. Let us help you with that.

Kitchen and Pantry

During these magical nine months, women find it more difficult to grab items off of lower or higher shelves and aren’t supposed to pick up heavy items. Utilizing ezeGlide’s kitchen and pantry sliding drawers make it easy for pregnant women to locate the items that they are craving with ease and without having to reach to the back of the pantry or kitchen cabinet. You can also use these sliding drawers to organize the kitchen appliances and mixing bowls to make them easier to move or put away.

This is a great time to reorganize the kitchen to prepare for the influx of baby food and all of the devices that you will be using to support your newborn. Let us help you get your kitchen reorganized and make your kitchen more accessible than it was before.


Maternity clothes, maternity clothes, maternity clothes. There is a great influx of clothing during the nine months to best support the mother and the baby bump. These clothes need somewhere to go and, though they may be temporary, take up a lot of space that most people don’t have readily available. ezeGlide can create a custom solution to utilize more of your closet space with our pull out shelves. These shelves can be utilized for maternity clothes and baby clothes alike. Make all your clothes accessible and organized with ezeGlide pull out closet shelves.

Nesting Phase

Towards the end of the pregnancy or the beginning of the third trimester, many women experience the “nesting” phase. During this phase, women become more energetic and feel the need to clean and organize the house to prepare for the coming of the baby. If you and your loved one are currently in the nesting phase and are preparing your home for your little ball of joy, then give us a call to get a FREE quote and utilize our summer special of 20% OFF if you call before 9/30/19.

Request a quote today to find out how we can upgrade your pantry shelving with pull out shelves by ezeGlide in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia!

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