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Top 5 Ways to Get Organized for Fall with ezeGlide Rollout Shelves

Getting organized for Fall is a must, whether you’re sorting out your wardrobe or looking to make delicious meals to celebrate the season. One great way you can make sure you’re organized is with ezeGlide Rollout Shelves. The shelves are durable, aesthetically pleasing, high quality and custom built for your home, making them suitable for a variety of purposes. Below are some ideas!

1. Update Your Pantry for Fall
Taking time to organize your pantry is a great practice to help you transition into a new season. For fall, you’ll want to start by getting rid of expired summer snacks (half-eaten bag of stale sunflower seeds? Chuck ‘em!). Make sure you stock up on delicious fall foods and ingredients. Focus on dishes like soups, pasta sauces, canned pumpkin and seasonal spices. Don’t forget to keep everything organized with a custom storage solution.

2. Swap Out Summer Decor
After Labor Day, when you start to notice a chill in the air and bright orange pumpkins popping up on every corner, you’ll know that it’s time to tuck away your brightly colored Summer decor, sunflowers and American flags. It’s a good idea to have storage for each season, so you can easily rearrange when the time is right. Use ezeGlide Rollout Shelves paired with clear plastic storage bins to safely store your summer decor. Don’t forget to label your storage bins so that you know exactly where everything is!

3. Stock Up on Seasonal Sips at Home
It’s time for pumpkin spice and everything nice! If there’s one great thing about Autumn, it’s the selection of pumpkin spice lattes, chai teas and hot cocoa you can sip while you watch leaves fall. Cozy drinks like this are a perfect way to celebrate the season, so make sure you have plenty of options on hand. Using a custom built ezeGlide storage system in the kitchen will make drink prep easy, especially when guests stop by.

4. Organize Your Fall Wardrobe
For fall, you’re going to want to put away breezy shorts and tank tops and instead focus on dressing in cozy layers such as jeans, trousers, tights, cardigans, sweatshirts, boots, blazers, coats and scarves. Keeping your wardrobe organized can be tough, especially if you have too much in there. With a messy closet, you can easily forget about items that would be perfect for the new season or a special occasion. Bring your fall items to the forefront of your wardrobe and easily store items you won’t wear again until warmer weather returns with ezeGlide rollout storage.

5. Have Tools and Seasonal Supplies Nearby
Now, although fall can be a truly magical season, it can also come hand in hand with some challenges. Power outages tend to be more common, your garden can become unruly or die altogether and all kinds of other things can happen. Use custom storage in the garage to store flashlights for power outages, cutters to stop trees getting too close to your power lines, lawn fertilizer to keep your lawn in great condition and firewood (but it’s recommended that you keep firewood in storage away from the house).  

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