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Top Tips for Seniors to Manage Downsizing with ezeGlide Roll Out Shelves & Drawers

Almost all seniors know that one day, the time will come to simplify their lifestyle, declutter and relocate to a smaller home. We call this downsizing. It’s an excellent option for many aging adults who want to cut costs, save money and be free of the burden of clutter so they can focus on spending precious moments with family and friends.

It can be a tough job to sort through a lifetime of meaningful keepsakes and mementos, but with a good plan in place and the right home organization, downsizing doesn’t have to be a stressful process.

Taking the time to declutter and downsize doesn’t have to be something that you will regret. As long as the move is executed correctly, downsizing could be the best thing that you ever do.

When it comes to getting started with downsizing, we’ve got the tips that you need to make the move successful so you can look forward to the benefits that it will bring as you move into the next chapter in your life.

Start Downsizing Early

This is a process that can take some time. You’ll have to find a new property, pack up your existing property and relocate your belongings. This may feel overwhelming, but remember — it doesn’t have to be an overnight event.

Make a list of every room that you need to go through and pack up, then create a calendar of how you plan to do things so that you can go slowly. As you go through each room, keep in mind how many cabinets and storage options you will have at your new residence so you can plan accordingly.

Reduce Your Clutter

When you live in a house for a long time, you’re bound to accumulate clutter. Don’t worry — everyone does it! Holding on to things that you don’t really need but might end up being useful one day can quickly turn into a cupboard full of items that you cannot bear to part with. Downsizing means it’s time to get focused, get brutal and start cutting out the clutter.

Here are a few questions to ask when deciding whether to keep, give away, or store items:

  • Does this item get regular use? Has this item been used in the past year?
  • Will this item fit in my future (smaller) living space?
  • Does this item bring me joy?
  • Why do I want to keep it?

Get Storage Smart

Now that you’ve reduced all your things, you need to be smart about how you store what is left. ezeGlide Rollout Shelves are the perfect solution for your closet or storage area in your new home. You’ll benefit from increased storage space with excellent organizational options in the pantry, bathroom, closet, laundry, and garage.

Having the right storage is very important when you move into a smaller house, as you don’t want to feel like you’re being squashed into a smaller space! ezeGlide Rollout Drawers make it easy to get rid of clutter and stay organized.

Make Moving Manageable

As you downsize, you may need some help moving to a new property. Luckily, you’ve got options. You can ask family members to come in and help you move. Another option is to hire full-service movers, who can load up and even unpack your belongings into your new house. Senior move managers can cater your move specifically to you, especially if you’re heading to a retirement community or senior living facility.

Implementing your moving plan will take some time so don’t rush. It’s likely that you’ll need to plan your move over a few weeks, and where you can, get some help to look at properties and decide on the best one that fits you. If you are struggling to downsize, ask for help. Make yes and no piles of your things and move through each pile slowly so that you can ensure that you don’t get rid of anything you’re not comfortable with.

Downsizing and moving to a new home can be daunting, but with proper planning, the right home organization and support from family and friends you can do it with confidence!

Downsizing? Upgrade your storage today!

ezeGlide can custom-design rollout shelving and drawers for any storage space in your home including the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, closet, laundry room, garage or office. All ezeGlide rollout shelves are constructed with solid hardwoods that are UV-coated for an easy-to-clean, microbe-free environment.

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